Head of School’s comment

John Colet School, Belrose, Sydney

Next week, we shall be holding our annual Infants Shakespeare Festival for Upper 1st and 2nd Class. During rehearsals, it has been wonderful to witness the confidence and passion of such young children. Each child’s performance is dependent on their weeks of listening, paying attention, and empathising for the role they play. The plays also encourage a commitment to the wider cast, an understanding of social themes, as well as a deep appreciation of history and language. These are powerful experiences that will be with them for many years to come.

We want to congratulate in advance our Shakespeare Coordinator, Ms Lilla, who is new to the role this year. Thank you to all those parents who have lent a hand in preparation, or will do so on the night. We are very fortunate to have such a supportive community behind the scenes assisting our teachers and students. Also, a special thanks to Mrs Holland who volunteered this year to reorganise and catalogue our Shakespeare costumes, which was no small task!

Julian Wilcock