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Head of School’s Comment

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This Term our Value in focus is Service, and of late we have looked at the benefits of giving full attention to all that we do. There have been many insightful, practical examples given by students from Lower 1st through to 6th Class.
As we move to the end of the year, we begin to determine our 6th Class leadership team for 2021. Interested 5th Class students have already begun thinking about what roles they may like to perform and to develop their speeches with votes being counted from staff, and students from 4th to 6th Class. Apart from the specific roles in 6th Class though, there are plenty of opportunities for all our students to show leadership and service through their actions. It is this (well-timed) aspect of our value of Service that we will concentrate on in the coming weeks.
A leader leads by example, whether he or she intends to or not. – Author Unknown

Julian Wilcock
Head of School