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Headmaster announces retirement

This week I announced my retirement after twenty-five years as Headmaster of John Colet School, effective on 30th June next year, or earlier if a suitable successor is able to take over before that date.  It was a major decision and was not taken lightly.

I am profoundly grateful to all the colleagues, parents and, especially, the children I have encountered on this wonderful journey.  

While it is impossible to thank everyone individually, I would like to take the time to thank Mary McKendrick and Judith Donald who had the original vision for the school, and were its immediate founders in 1985.  They are still here and their commitment to that original vision has never wavered.  
Ross Farrelly became the school’s first Deputy Headmaster and moved the school immeasurably forward in its refinement and its processes, at around the time of the physical move to Belrose in 1995 and for many years following.

My most profound thanks go to my wife, Sarah Mane, who as the music and choir mistress, a class teacher, administrative coordinator, and general all-round school vigilante, was the keeper of the flame of precision, fine-tuning and all things beautiful around the school.  She was my chief support and did much of the hard work of making the school what it is today.  And she won everyone’s admiration by working with her husband for over two decades!

My brief on taking over as Headmaster was to continue the founders work, establish the school on a solid academic footing,  give it a presence in the community, and protect and nurture the ethos and principles upon which it was founded.

The school is now one of the top academic schools in Australia, and is extremely well regarded within the independent sector circles in which I move.  It stands as a beacon of light for its values and unique offerings.  I feel excited for my successor and I have every confidence that the Board of Governors will leave no stone unturned to find the exact right person for the job.  I wish everyone a very happy break.