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Head of School’s Comment

As Mr Mane’s final farewell, from the Board of Governors, is fast approaching, indeed to be held tonight,  I was considering his legacy.   What has been left for future generations?

I looked around the school; most of the buildings have been built under his watch, quite beautiful buildings.  Visitors often comment on the wonderful learning spaces the children have, and the way in which the design is very conducive to children’s education. Physically, the school is an accepting and gentle space for both staff and children.

Mr Mane never wavered on the need for the children to learn of Shakespeare and his plays. He insisted on the children being given the best material. He fostered Latin and Sanskrit, Singing and Music, for all the children.  This endows the children with immeasurable richness, and a breadth of wisdom that will stay with them. 

But there is another element, much of which was captured on the video made by school parent Mariana P on Open Day.

There were so many qualities mentioned, his sense of humour, intelligence, kindness, forgiveness, generosity and many more.  It was evident as the present and past students spoke, that this legacy was in them.  They were enjoying life, were well educated, articulate, and had within themselves many of the qualities that they spoke of as being in Mr Mane.

It’s all very much about love.  As the wise tell us, teacher on one side, student on the other and love joining them.   If the situation is supported in love the children learn very easily. Love is the binding force in all of this, and he very much loved the children.

Mary McKendrick