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Headmaster’s Final Weekly Comment

This is my final Headmaster’s Message.  They began many years ago when one parent asked for some form of regular communication, which would encapsulate the ethos of the School.  I hope this weekly contribution has at least partially done that.  Writing these short pieces each week has also been invaluable for me, as I have tried to capture a concept or idea, or an interpretation of timeless wisdom, in a few hundred words.  I have been grateful for the opportunity to do so.

I am also deeply grateful for the outpouring of kindness from the whole school community marking my departure.  I have been buoyed up by your living example of generosity, kindness and love, all of which are so redolent of everything we have tried to do at John Colet.

One other privilege that I have had the great good fortune to have come my way, is to speak to each 6th class child.  Up to this year these conversations have marked their departure from the School.  This term it marked mine.

After a few words from me praising their fine qualities, and a few words of advice about the future, I like to ask them what they think their favourite memory of the school will be.  It is very moving to sit in the presence of 11 or 12 year olds, wise beyond their years, who stop and think for a moment; and then some wax lyrical about how welcome and embraced they felt on their first day of school, some say how grateful they are to feel safe from bullying, others speak of Shakespeare, some of their wonderful teachers, others spoke of being accepted for who they were.  And all struggle to come up with just one or two things many throw their hands up in surrender and say, Everything!

Me too. 

Ask me for my favourite memory, and I ll throw my hands up and say, Everything!



Gilbert Mane