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Headmaster’s Weekly Comment

Welcome back to term 4; I hope everyone had a lovely break.  

We have a quite an event filled term coming up.  This includes the primary Shakespeare Festival which kicks off at Glen Street Theatre with performances from each of the seven primary classes from Tuesday 28th to Thursday 30th October.  The Infants and Primary Sports Carnival is on Tuesday 4th November.  And the Nativity Play and Christmas Celebration is on 25th November.  And the year culminates with Speech Night on Monday 1st December.

Sprinkled throughout are a host of other activities, many of which relate to the graduating 6th class.  Each year 6th class has a number of events to mark their departure.  There is a special lunch where each of the 5th class children gives a speech fare-welling and praising the special qualities of one of the 6th class students.  

There is also a 6th class farewell dinner, where each 6th class student writes and delivers a speech thanking and praising their parents.

And slotted in between excursions and all these farewell feasts, I meet each of the graduates and have a conversation about his or her strengths, and the challenges they will face.  And I wish them well and promise that the School and its staff will be available to them for life.  

I was recently speaking to one of our graduates, who is now in his 30s, who did in fact call upon my help once or twice in the time since he left us. And he said that the promise made to him at that final talk was one of the things which stayed with him as quite a significant comfort throughout the years since.

Gilbert Mane