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Headmaster’s Weekly Comment: 11/3/13

The school has a vision, a mission and values. These have been expressed many times in various ways. One way is to say that our vision is for the children to be Happy, Strong and Accomplished.

Happiness is available if we spend at least some of our time trying to be a source of happiness that is, to give happiness to others rather than to spend all our time trying to get it.

Strength is measured by how much we can overcome ourselves rather than defeat others. In other words by how much we meet our own selfishness, fear and greed and turn them into compassion, courage and generosity.

And accomplishment means the acquisition of knowledge and the mastery of skills which make us valuable and useful to our friends, family and fellow citizens.

We would hope that our curriculum and the general atmosphere of lively enquiry, spirited debate and compassionate care and of course the enthusiastic support of the parent body – go a long way towards producing fine young men and women who are happy, strong and accomplished.

So far our graduates have shown that the school has been of some help in this endeavour.

From the files, dated Week 6, Term 1, 2010.  Headmaster will be back from 14th March.