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Headmaster’s Weekly Comment

I should like to welcome everybody back from the Summer break.  I hope everyone is refreshed and ready for a new academic year.

The teachers have been hard at work (for some of the time!) preparing for their classes.  And the admin and support staff have also been hard at work.

This year will have several milestones.  One is, of course, that I will be completing my role as Headmaster formally at the end of Term 1, and Mrs McKendrick will be stepping in as Headmistress.  Everyone should have received an email from the Chairman of Governors reporting on the search for a successor and the appointment of Mrs McKendrick.

Another important change, is some amendments to the School’s Vision Mission and Values. Specifically two of the School’s Mission Statements have been reworded:

Our mission, which is our near-term goal and which is the school’s way of putting its Vision into practice, is that the children:

Pursue excellence in their conduct, and in their academic and other school activities

Are well-versed in the NSW Curriculum, the school’s own benchmarks of success, and can effectively build on their primary school learning in high school and beyond.

We have also added a Rule of Action which is: To do that which is reasonable in the circumstances; and to refrain from doing that which is unreasonable in the circumstances.

And, in relation to the School Values we have combined Service and Care; and we have added Courage, so the five Values now are:






I will use this Message space to speak about these changes in more detail over the coming weeks.  For now let me repeat my warmest welcome to everyone and my best wishes for a great year in 2015.

Gilbert Mane