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Headmaster’s Weekly Comment: 21/6/13

This is the final message for Term 2.  I wish you all a very relaxing break, and look forward to seeing everyone back bright and fresh, next term.

Many of the teachers will be attending their annual week long meditation and study retreat organized by the School of Philosophy, our parent body.  It is an important feature of the school that the teachers know that there is more to life than mere worldly success.  Or, more accurately, that worldly success, while necessary, is ultimately meaningless if we don t set it in a context of some higher purpose.

On that topic of meaningful spiritual endeavour, this week I pointed out to both staff and children that when we say: He made me angry or She upset me or That situation frightens me , we put that other person or situation in charge of us.  They are in the strong position, and we are in the weak one.

I then suggested a method for regaining our own power and autonomy, which the children, in assembly found very funny, but which many have been practising since.

Here is the method: When you find someone is annoying you, you say quietly, in your mind, as soon as you remember: I love you . (You can see why the children thought this hilarious).  It doesn t mean you ignore behaviour which needs a robust response.  Just that your response has a better chance of working because it comes from love rather than anger or fear. 
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