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Headmaster’s Weekly Comment


A big milestone this week.  Mrs McKendrick has now moved into the Headmistress’s Study.  I will be stationed at the desk near Mrs James.

The School is fantastically fortunate to have Mrs McKendrick stepping into the role of Head of School.

Mrs McKendrick co-founded the School in 1985, and she was the first Headmistress, overseeing the School’s growth from 14 to 35 children.  By 1989 family and other commitments made it difficult for her to continue, and with the clear-eyed commitment to the School which has never wavered she initiated the search for a replacement Head.

In the 30 years Mrs McKendrick and I have worked together she has never ceased to display deeply admirable qualities courage, commitment to the needs of the children before her own, warm support for all of her colleagues, and an honesty and clarity which inspire deep trust.

On a personal note Mrs McKendrick has been a rocklike support to me in my tenure as Head of School.  I am profoundly grateful to her, and I couldn t be happier to leave the School in her extremely capable hands.

Gilbert Mane