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Headmaster’s Weekly Comment: 22/10/12

Care and Service are two of our core values.  As with all virtues (and vices!) they begin at home.  In other words we can advocate fairness, equity and freedom on a societal or even world scale, but if our dealings with ourselves and with those we actually meet day to day is marked by selfishness, jealousy and criticism, then our words will ring hollow; and our actions, infused with negativity, will produce precisely the opposite effects of those we advocate.

The best way to ensure nation- or worldwide justice, peace and tolerance is to start by ensuring we are just, peaceful and tolerant in our own lives. Then we see these qualities naturally expand when we take into account other people and creatures that we may never meet.  Practical effective action can then follow.

So at school we encourage the children to be benevolent, compassionate and just to those they interact with, and then we see their horizons expand beyond the particular and the personal.

A very good example of this is the Tears in the Jungle Orang-utan Project which is presently underway at the school, with the children learning about the threat to these engaging and intelligent creatures; and the wonderful work being done to help them.  And the children, teachers and parents are exemplifying the values of care and service by taking practical steps to assist. 

I warmly commend the enthusiasm and passion underpinning the school’s involvement in this project.