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Headmaster’s Weekly Comment: 24/08/12

The Infants Shakespeare Festival, which saw each class give two full dress rehearsals and then three performances over a fortnight, was a triumph of organisation, creativity and shear hard work from all involved parents, teachers and children. Profound thanks and congratulations to all involved.
The Shakespeare Festival exemplifies the two fundamental elements which we believe will give children the tools to develop themselves into fine young men and women:  first, the company of truthful, emotionally mature teachers; and, second, giving them the best possible input.
Shantananda Saraswati, who recommended this approach said, the children should be in good company; and be provided with good material.
Of the good material, such as Shakespeare, he says:  If they take it, they will be good enough to look for what they need and build their character accordingly.   In other words the individual child has a role to play here.
The adults who love and care for the children their parents and teachers should, and do, give as much fine input as they can, and set as good an example as possible.  But ultimately it is the child, and all too soon, the young adult, who will have to take what they can of this rich, stimulating and creative mix of influences, and build their own character and life in their own completely unique way.
That’s the part that no one else can (or should) do for them.
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