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Headmaster’s Weekly Comment 27/5/13

In the spirit of reporting our school’s triumphs I should like to congratulate the debating team on a determined effort this week.  The topic was City children have the advantage , and we were arguing the affirmative case.  The team worked very hard all week to prepare their arguments and, on the day, presented them cogently and confidently.  Unfortunately the Sydney Japanese School put up a spirited negative argument and they carried the day by one point.

One fundamental factor in a successful life is so obvious that we can take it for granted.  That factor is the ability to speak and listen (not necessarily in that order).  Those who can marshal their thoughts in a clear, accurate way; and then express those thoughts in clear, authoritative speech, or writing, will generally find their path in life easier than those whose thought processes are confused and chaotic; and who speak haltingly, inaudibly and with a lack of confidence.

Many of the subjects on our curriculum are either wholly or in part designed to foster this very basic skill in the children: English (of course), Singing, Shakespeare, Sanskrit, Latin, and again of course, debating.

A note on the Sanskrit Recitation Competition coming up on 6th June: This is a wonderful showcase of the children’s ability to memorise and recite beautiful words in an ancient language.  We congratulate the teachers and children for all their efforts and wish them all well.
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