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Headmaster’s Weekly Comment

This week the 3rd and 5th class children sat the NAPLAN tests in Maths, Reading, Spelling, Grammar and Writing.  The teachers were happy and felt the children approached the testing conscientiously and well.

In the past John Colet has excelled in these external tests.  Last year we didn t so as well as usual in Writing and we used the result as a diagnostic tool.  In other words, we noted the area which needed improvement, and we secured the services of a Writing consultant for our Summer Teachers Study Week.

We congratulate the teachers and children on their efforts and look forward to the results.

Coming up on Sunday 26th May is that major school concatenation of events Open Day, the Fair and the Art Show.  Each of these is a major of undertaking and we do them simultaneously.  The Parents and friends have been performing prodigies getting the Fair ready; the children and teachers have been rehearsing and creating beautiful work for display on Open Day; and the Art Committee has been getting the Art Show together.  And the working bee this Sunday will be doing a final clip, trim and tidy to get everything ship shape.

It is a wonderful communal effort, and is a showcase of John Colet at its best even before a single guest has arrived next Sunday.

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