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Headmaster’s Weekly Comment

The Open Day was a triumph.  The organisers pulled it off superbly and the teachers, students and parents especially the P & F organising committee under the steady hand and watchful eye of Lucy B – are to be roundly congratulated.  It was a classic John Colet event well-organised, fun, understated and with a warm feeling of community and fellowship.
Next Monday brings further delights: first thing in the morning we have our John Colet Day Assembly where we sing the praises of the great man after whom the school is named.  This is a special assembly for our governors, members, and donors, after which they tour the school.
Immediately following this we have another information event specifically targeting those prospective parents who made enquires at the Chatswood Independent Schools Expo and the Open Day.
Then in the evening we have our first State of the School speech in which I intend to cover the topics of classes and staffing; marketing; and building works.
The aim is to keep parents informed before any decisions are made so that all interested parties can make their voices heard.   
Last week’s puzzle:  Cur gallina per viam transire maluit?  The answer, of course, is: Ut in altera parte viae ambularet.  For those who need a translation: Why did the chicken cross the road?  To get to the other side.
This week’s puzzle: Name the highest mountain on each continent.