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Headmaster’s Weekly Comment

First some happy news about some inter-school events.  On Wednesday last our 6th class debating team debated the topic We should play to win.  We took the affirmative position and we were against Galstaun College.  The children performed really well and the balance between the two teams was so even that the adjudicators declared a tie.   

This brings our debating season to an end.  All the children in the JCS team were required to brainstorm interesting topics, organize their thoughts, research and write their arguments.  Then they had to stand up before an audience and deliver those arguments convincingly.  The team this year met those challenges and performed admirably against spirited opposition.  Congratulations to all.

And further congratulations are due to Mrs Miles and to the Primary children who came second by one point! in the Ryde Eisteddfod.  The judge commented favourably on the balance of the parts, the clean high register, and the complexity of the material.  

Singing good quality music is, of course, a key part of the emotional education of the children. Immersing them in the best music, art and literature has a nurturing effect on their character.  Singing beautiful music, painting beautiful pictures, acting in fine plays, writing fine words puts the children in the good company of Mozart, Da Vinci and Shakespeare, and this in turn, makes them good company for others.

Fine, beautiful surroundings and company brings out the best in all of us.  If we are in the company of kind, decent, truthful people we find it hard to fall below their high standard.  I often hear that our graduates make good friends at high school, with intelligent, lively, good-humoured girls and boys. 

And this must be because these John Colet alumni bring the same fine qualities with them, and makes them good company for others.

My apologies the lowest dry place on earth is the shore of the Dead Sea bordering Israel and Jordan.

New quiz:  What is the oldest book in Australia?  (Bonus: where is it held?) What highly influential philosophical work did its author also write?


Gilbert Mane