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Headmaster’s Weekly Comment: 9/10/12

Welcome back to a new term.  I hope everyone had a refreshing restorative break.  Many members of staff spent part of their break on a week’s meditation and study retreat at the School of Philosophy.

This term we have several highlights to look forward to.  The School’s annual cycle of special events and assemblies fulfil several purposes.  They give the school a regular pulse or rhythm which is repeated every year  and contributes to the “feel” of the school.  And each has its own special significance – at the Easter Assembly, for example, we concentrate on sacrifice, redemption and forgiveness;  on Anzac Day we remember the sacrifice of our fighting men and women and experience national unity; Teachers’ Day honours the teacher; Founder’s Day celebrates the life and work of Leon Maclaren and connects us to the history and founding principles of the school.

This term we have the Primary Shakespeare Festival, the Christmas Celebration – including the annual Nativity Play and Carol Service – and, wrapping things up for the year, our gala Speech Night at the Concourse in Chatswood.

Each of these annual celebrations is designed to lift our sights and raise our thinking beyond the day to day.  They all exemplify some significant principle –  so at Christmas time we focus on the joy of rebirth and the promise of freedom and salvation; and on Speech Night we not only celebrate the school and individual children’s achievements; we also wish our graduating 6th class a warm and heartfelt farewell and best wishes for the future, with every confidence that they will continue to display the fine qualities and strength of character which make their parents and teachers justifiably proud.
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