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Headmaster to speak at TEDxParramatta

Our Headmaster Gilbert Mane has been selected to present at TEDxParramatta in August. He will speak on the benefits of immersing children in the best and finest ideas from a range of different traditions and cultures, showing them pathways to make their ideas live, and make their own contribution to this rich human archive.

TED talks are concise presentations given by people in a variety of fields, with the goal of spreading ‘ideas worth sharing’.

TEDx Parramatta promises to be a day of explosive programming designed to explore ideas from Western Sydney across the fields of Technology, Entertainment and Design that are compelling and pertinent to the region. Licensed by TED for 100 select delegates only, this event will bring people together and explore ideas worth spreading, generated from the themes Beginning Becoming Beyond. An allocation of public tickets will be available by ballot and details can be found at tedxparramatta.com/event

“Western Sydney is the most culturally diverse region in Australia and therefore Gilbert and John Colet School’s approach to interfaith education to develop the individual child, but to also foster harmony in the world, makes him a great fit for TEDxParramatta. The organising partners’ think Gilbert’s idea is worth sharing as the approach he is using echos the cultural development work being done to foster harmony in Western Sydney,” says Lisa Torrance, TEDxParramatta Organising Partner & Information and Cultural Exchange (ICE) Executive Director.

More than 1.8 million people with roots in over 100 different countries call Western Sydney home, making it one of the most culturally diverse communities in the world. The inaugural TEDxParramatta will shed an international spotlight on the creative work and ideas that are being generated in such a vibrant and growing region where new and unique voices and narratives are continually emerging.

“The chosen theme, Beginning Becoming Beyond – represents a story in progress and the aim for TEDxParramatta is to expose the big ideas from Western Sydney that highlight the constant evolution of the region as one of the most culturally diverse in the world. 

“Each presenter will share an idea that offers insight into the deeper currents encountered in their everyday lives and this program is designed to inspire audiences and create sparks of alchemy. We are immensely proud to be presenting such an explosive program of locally generated ideas on a global stage,” says Ms Torrance.

Programmed Speakers:

Syed Safdar Ahmed will use examples of his work with the ‘The Refugee Art Project’, which reminds us of the power to ignite moral feeling of art and initiate social change.

L-Fresh the Lion unveils how he used Hip Hop to discover his own identity and inner humanity, and how he shares his lessons with others.

Heather Chaffey will share ideas of place and identity, culture and social justice, participation and renewal discovered through the Penrith Neighbourhood Program.

Christian Tancred will explore how digital arts can provide the opportunity for sharing stories to achieve narcissism for positive effect.

Paula Abood will discuss the importance storytelling in developing confidence empathy and building communities.

Gilbert Mane’s idea is to immerse children in the best and finest ideas from a range of different traditions and cultures to show them pathways to making their ideas live, and make their own contribution to this rich human archive.

Thelma Thomas (MC Trey) and Leo Tanoi will share their idea that there’s room for all of us. In Western Sydney there’s a thriving exploration and celebration of Pacific Island culture both as a link to cultural identity within our multicultural landscape and also as a tool for assisting young people, communities and artists in forging their own identities and practices.

Ali Khadim reveals how he teaches self-belief through Parkour, the urban artform built on theories such as ‘The Obstacle is the Path’ and ‘Our Failures are our Success’.

TEDxParramatta will be held on Friday 3 August, 2012 at Riverside Theatres, Parramatta.