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Headmasters Conference inspiring and motivating

Classroom management ideas, nurturing staff, relationships with parents

Weekly message from Italy:

I am presently at the conference of Head Teachers of our affiliated group of schools.  Also here are teachers from around the world including Hungary, Trinidad, Canada and the UK.  

Aside from the benefits of collegiality it is a time to share experiences and compare notes on issues as diverse as the teaching of Sanskrit and Philosophy, effective classroom management, supporting and nurturing staff, developing harmonious relationships with parents and so on.

And of course, we discuss that hardy perennial: the aim and purpose of these schools; which is to produce fine, upstanding young men and women who are straight, honest and good-hearted, who can relate to others in a generous, kind way; and who can stick at tasks until they are satisfactorily completed.

One key to this is to put the children in the company of teachers who don’t themselves fail in the conduct of their projects; who are themselves kind-hearted, conscientious and are emotionally mature; who, in other words lead by example.

And another key element is the emphasis we place on languages – Sanskrit, Latin, Spanish- as well as speech, drama and singing; which, in combination, give the children the tools to communicate confidently, clearly and beautifully.

Mrs Mane and I have had a wonderful time (as you can imagine) but we are very much looking forward to coming home and seeing the children, staff and parents, at Teachers’ Day on Monday.
Headmasters Conference inspiring and motivating - image 2011-headmaster-photo-blogg on https://www.johncolet.nsw.edu.au