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Headmistress’s Awards

Roxana S (6th K) for courage, determination and humility.
Nadine G (5th C) for excellent drama contributions and helping assist other students with their roles.
Jack H (5th C) for conscientious effort and excellent study habits.
Madeleine S
(4th T) for continuous effort and application in all school work.
Darya T (3rd D) for outstanding application and improvement in reading and comprehension.
Edward T (3rd D) for consistent, energetic and wholehearted engagement.
Lily M (2nd M) for generosity and maturity in art.
Jonte P (Lower First) for willingness and courage to participate and meet challenges that are presented.
Tiffany L (Lower First) for helpfulness and giving herself fully to whatever she does.
Ava M (Lower First) for excellent attitude to work and giving her best.