Helping each child make the most of their own potential

Helping each child make the most of their own potential

John-Colet-School-aims-to-extend-all-children-so-they-fulfil-their-potentialJohn Colet School - helping each child make the most of their own potential

With highly qualified and experienced teachers, a quiet ordered atmosphere and an emphasis on worthwhile content, John Colet seeks to help each child make the most of their own potential. The general approach is of methodical progress, the aim of which is that a child be confident of each step before moving on to the next one. The wider character development of the child is addressed by the underlying philosophical and spiritual strength of the school and by the daily guidance of their behaviour. The school's experience is that clear reasonable rules, consistently applied, give the children a framework in which they can move freely. They are encouraged to be courteous, well mannered and respectful. Good behaviour is consistently reinforced.


John Colet curriculum encourages aiming high

We do not believe in "talking down" to children and we seek to provide an ambitious curriculum, which excites interest and an enjoyment of learning. The curriculum section of this website expands on the role of such features as classical languages – Sanskrit and Latin – and the finest literature, including Shakespeare.

An understanding of world religions and the civilisations of East and West

The introduction of Philosophy and of world religions gives the children an understanding of the civilizations of the West and East. We believe this is essential for values-based lives and for the future of our students as responsible world citizens.

The school's daily curriculum includes regular moments of mindful stillness between lessons.  At age 10, children can, if they wish, learn a formal system of meditation.