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Infants enjoy a quiet week

and a Roman Banquet

Week 9 has been quiet at John Colet School, as the whole Primary Department has been off on excursions, and the weather has been very kind:  we expect to hear more about their adventures and hopefully see some photos.

A very successful and delicious Roman breakfast was held for one of the Latin classes, who dressed in tunics and togas for the event:  the menu included wine , fresh and dried fruit, cheese and eggs, olives of course, baked dormice a real Roman favourite, and a generous supply of Roman marching biscuits not unlike our ANZAC biscuits which the children had made themselves the day before.  No drunken and disorderly behaviour was reported, and the Romans returned to class well satisfied, distributing Roman marching biscuits to all and sundry!

This coming week we are expecting a two-day visit from Mrs. Monique Miotto from our sister school in Melbourne the Erasmus School.  She is Head of Learning and looks after the curriculum.

A third gap student has joined us from England for six months Mr. Sam Bodington.   Sam’s father, Peter Bodington, lived in Australia for twelve years as a young man, but Sam will only be here for six months.  Sam went to St. James School in London until the end of Year 10 and then transferred to Brockwood Park in Hampshire for his two final years of schooling.  Brockwood Park is a small school of 60, run by Krishnamurti followers.  Sam has a particular attraction to Drama and Literature: and his visit has been most timely, with the Primary Shakespeare Festival coming up mid-next term.

Generosity continues as the theme until the end of the week.  This virtue gives endless opportunity for practice, both at home and abroad.

Infants enjoy a quiet week - image roman-biscuits-007 on
Making Roman marching biscuits for the Roman breakfast.