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Infants swimming details

Swimming for Infants in Term 4

In Term 4 the Infants Classes will again be going to the Killarney Heights Swim Centre for swimming lessons in preparation for the coming summer. (5th and 6th Classes will go for four weeks only on another day of the week).
As we have no male teachers in the Infants and therefore no access to the male change room the children will be changed at school.
The Infants children will swim on Friday afternoons in Term 4, commencing Week 1 (14th  October).
On Fridays they should come to school in their sports clothes and sport shoes bringing with them a swimming bag containing:

  • Casual slip-on footwear (such as thongs, Crocs, jelly sandals these not to be worn to school)
  • A towel
  • Goggles for all and swimming caps for the girls
  • Swimming costumes (boys could wear those to school and bring underwear for after swimming)

To go to the pool, they will wear their sports tops over their costumes, with a towel wrapped round themselves, carrying a bag with goggles and caps (girls).  The towels, footwear and sport top will be deposited at the poolside whilst they swim.  After the lesson, they simply dry off, don sports top, footwear and wrap their towel about them, and then proceed to school, where they will change back into their full sports uniform for home-time.
Children may be taken home from the Pool after the lesson by pre-arrangement with their teacher and having been signed off at the pool on the Class Register.
We hope this will be an easy and efficient way of dealing with this.