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Interschool Chess semi final report

On Friday the 14th of August John Colet participated in a Semi Final of the Interschool Chess Challenge and enjoyed an amazing result. We qualified to compete via a Heat back in Term 1.

Our team was selected from our Chess Club, taking into account performance during matches at school as well as various tournaments and Competitions throughout the year. The team consisted of Thomas J from Yr 4, Daniel S, Leo G and Mimi P from Yr 5 and Liam M from Year 6. This was quite a young and inexperienced team as JCS representative teams at this level had previously been dominated by children from last year’s Year 6. 

The Tournament was hosted by Willoughby Public School and 15 schools were represented by 76 Primary School students. The children played 7 matches in Swiss Perfect format. 

We came 3rd and qualified through to the NSW Final!

Daniel was our Highest scorer on 5 points from 7 (coming 11th overall). On 4.5 points Mimi was the strongest girl at the tournament by far. Leo also took 4.5 points, Thomas 4 and Liam 3. Thomas, Daniel and Mimi all made it as high as Board 4.

It was a fantastic team effort and wonderful to witness. The children really stuck together during the day cheering each other on and displaying great team spirit. 

Neutral Bay came 1st with 22.5 pts and North Curl Curl came 2nd on 18.5pts.

Sadly, the NSW Final is scheduled to be played on 11 September which clashes with Primary School Camps, therefore we will be unable to attend. We are trying to push aside our disappointment and hang onto the joy we felt on the day. We are also excited about our prospects for next year’s Competition. 

Currently our Senior Class is participating in a Class tournament on Friday mornings. And the club is also looking forward to hosting a School Tournament in Term 4 for Chess Club members as well as other chess enthusiasts – stay tuned for a date. 

“No one ever won a game of chess by only taking forward moves. Sometimes we have to move backward to get a better step forward.”

Yours in Chess,
Simone P
Chess Club Coordinator