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Introducing Miss Jackson

This week's Staff Spot
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In PDHPE and Philosophy, Miss Christianne Jackson’s students in 3J have been listing 10 things to know about me , and so with pleasure we find out more about Miss Jackson in this week’s Staff Spot &

One thing that may not surprise you is that Miss Jackson has always wanted to be a teacher.

Mum tells this story that when I was four, I asked her if I could volunteer to teach at the local pre-school. Fortunately for me I guess I had a little brother and sister and they were always being taught things in my pretend classroom.

Ms Jackson is a former John Colet student (she was Cook House captain in 2001) and after graduating here went to Mercy College in Chatswood and then later to ACU were she did a Bachelor or Education (Primary).

I took a Gap year before uni and worked as a teacher’s aide in a remote indigenous community in Northern Territory called Ltyentye Apurte, pronounced ginger-porta. It was certainly challenging but I loved the term I was there for. I’ve been back since, and I would like to return one day.

While at uni she did an exchange to a university in France, where she became pretty good at conversational French, although she says she is sadly lacking in practice these days in Australia.

University also saw her do some drama subjects, and Miss Jackson says she loves the challenge of putting on Shakespeare.

I still remember some of my favourite scenes & when I played Beatrice in Much Ado, I loved the slapstick of the scene where Beatrice is tricked into thinking Benedick is in love with her &

After the pure comedy of last year’s class production, 3J will have a change of pace and tone this year with Macbeth .

3J have been writing one-pagers on themselves, and Miss Jackson will now answer some of the questions she asked them:

Two things I m good at: Well &I m good at sport. I play netball (GA) for the Mosman Whales (which makes for very funny shouts of encouragement from the sidelines) each weekend, and I am good at cooking, I love to entertain.

Two cool things I did this summer: I drove to Byron Bay and lay on the beach (the summer before was also pretty cool, I went to Nepal and India) and the other cool thing I did this summer was snorkelling with turtles and manta rays.

Something I want to learn this year: How to play the ukulele properly. I can only play one song, so I think I would like to get some lessons!

Thank you Miss Jackson.