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Introducing our new Latin teacher

A Passion for Latin!
Introducing our new Latin teacher - image Brehaut on

Introducing our new Latin teacher Caroline Brehaut (pronounced Bre-oh) who will be taking our third and 4th class Latin students during lunchtime on Tuesdays and our 5th and 6th class Latin extension students three days a week .

Mrs Brehaut has been studying Latin for 15 years, first at Macqaurie University and at the University of New England and Oxford. She has a BA (Hons) and a Master of Philosophy in Greek and Roman History.

She is currently doing a Diploma In Language Studies at Sydney University, working on a program to trial the introduction of Latin as a co-curricular subject in primary schools, as at Haberfield Public last year.

She sees a real importance in teaching spoken Latin, along with the grammar, and engaging all the senses as part of the learning process.

Mrs Brehaut taught Ancient History and History at St Andrews Cathedral School for five years until 2009 and now works part time and studies, while looking after a family of three young primary aged children in Roseville.