ipads roll out - image  on https://www.johncolet.nsw.edu.au

ipads roll out

ipads roll out - image 2014-5k-ipads1 on https://www.johncolet.nsw.edu.au

This year John Colet is engaged in an exciting new venture.  We are rolling out a pilot program for the introduction of iPads.  This involves professional development for the teachers which began last year and is ongoing; technical support such as testing our Wi-Fi coverage;  promulgation of policies and protocols for safe usage of the technology; and researching and testing appropriate teaching programs. 

  ipads roll out - image 2014-5k-ipads2 on https://www.johncolet.nsw.edu.au  ipads roll out - image 2014-5k-ipads3 on https://www.johncolet.nsw.edu.au