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It’s going to be a ball!

Editor’s Note:  Since this article was posted, the date of the Masquerade Gala Dinner has been changed to Saturday 9th September. The venue is Checkers Conference Centre on Mona Vale Road, Terrey Hills. 


Can you help us with the next big JC P&F event –  the Masquerade Ball Gala Dinner on Friday 8th September?  At this stage we are looking for volunteers to help form small groups / committees to look after the various aspects of the evening.  Here is a list of helpers required.

  1. Silent Auction Manager/s:  This person(s) will co-ordinate the collection of the silent auction items.  This person(s) will also be responsible for the setup of these items at the venue on the day.
  2. Live Auction Manager/s: This person(s) will co-ordinate the live Auction of the large items that may be worth a significant amount.  This person/s will also take down the names of the winning bids and their owners.
  3. Graphic Designer / Artist?: This person will design the invites and all other artwork associated with the event as well as working closely with the Live Auction Manager to arrange the layout and printing of the catalogue and any special signage we may require.
  4. Money Collection: This person will be responsible for collecting money on the night and using the eftpos machine when required. 
  5. Table Decorations/Theming:  This person/s will help to create and co-ordinate the table centres for each of the tables.
  6. Children’s Artwork: Co-ordination of the Children’s artwork to be auctioned on the night. 
  7. Raffle ticket sellers/lucky dip: This bubbly person/s will co-ordinate the raffle and the lucky dip on arrival.
  8. Live Auction: Auctioneer.  This person will be responsible for hosting the bidding for the live auction.  (Do we have an auctioneer amongst our midst?).

 If you are able to do any of these roles or you would like to form a group to help co-ordinate these activities, please let your class parent know.

Best wishes,