From our kitchen: 13/5/13

From our kitchen: 13/5/13

Great food just one way we can invest in our children


MINESTRONE SOUP (with garlic croutons)




TEX-MEX (with rice and chips)





Dairy, egg, lactose, gluten and wheat free and vegan options provided daily.

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The school has had some new students arrive recently and it has made me recognise the need for their emotional support is equal to any other (except great food, of course). People can often overlook the individual desires/needs of children as they can lose their ‘voice’ in a crowd, classroom or team. I have made a great new friend recently by listening and loving. When we first met she didn’t eat much (allergies etc). When I noticed, a little attention has made her a happy, eating student who has now given me more than I gave her.

Being healthy is not only about great nutrition it is also about learning good emotional and social skills to achieve greater results at school and in life. Investing time into listening to our children is one of the most worthy skills we can possess to create emotional, sound, positive and satisfied humans.

Remember to stop and listen to them when you ask “how was your day?” You may just hear the answer!! Children with a positive mental status will achieve at their highest potential in school and more importantly in life.

It is our jobs as parents to embrace and contribute to their schooling at all levels. This can be as simple as a ‘well-done’ hug or a nice e-mail written to their teacher thanking them for their hard work.

If we motivate them with love the rest will come easily.
Eat well,
Donna Moor


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