From our kitchen: 20/5/13

From our kitchen: 20/5/13

On the menu this week...











This week ONLY: Gluten free & Dairy free alternatives will be provided. Any other allergy requirements - please pack any necessary foods or a healthy lunch.

It is the week before the school fair so the trusted ‘Camp Kitchen’ is re-opening for business. The children are still to bring their plates and bowls to school every day. Cutlery will be provided as normal. Also remember to pack a drink bottle.

This week’s menu is very simple so we can transport it outside. You may opt out this week only and pack a lunch.

I have put together a little ‘useless information’ for you to understand the incredible quantity and quality of a week’s worth of lunches.

We use very little processed or canned food. Nothing is ever ‘poured from a jar’.  Click 'Continue reading" for last week’s shopping list!

This ingredients list is from last week’s menu (without the ‘incidental pantry items’):

60 loaves of bread

1 box ‘no egg’ mix

16 loaves of gluten free bread

30 dozen fresh eggs

300 butter portions

18kg tasty cheese

3 tubs dairy free margarine

7kg fresh cottage cheese

18 lettuce heads

32ltrs fresh milk

12kgs of fresh tomatoes

4ltrs fresh cream

10kgs of fresh cucumbers

8kgs fresh yoghurt

6kgs fresh capsicums

16kgs noodles

5 fresh celery heads

5kgs creamed corn

12kgs of fresh zucchini

15kgs tinned tomatoes

20kgs fresh carrots

10kgs tinned mixed beans

5kgs fresh potatoes

4kgs tinned red kidney beans

5kgs fresh sweet potatoes

10 cans beetroot

20kgs fresh onions

120 sheets of puff pastry

55kgs fresh watermelons

12 sheets gluten free pastry

12kgs fresh grapes

1kg honey

80 fresh oranges

500grs vegemite

60 fresh apples

500grs jam

3 bottles soy sauce

2kgs couscous

3kgs rolled oats

8kgs sultanas

1 box corn crumbs

10kg fresh rice

3 bottles salad dressing

4ltrs olive oil


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