From the Stage Coordinators: 3/08/12

From the Stage Coordinators: 3/08/12

Last Monday in Assembly the children were asked how the secret service was going.  They gave many observations of kindness and generosity to their fellow class mates, and others.  It’s very encouraging to see the children look after and care for each other.  We will continue this practice for another week or two because the children are enjoying it, and it obviously makes them happy.

The children have also made greater efforts to keep the area outside their classrooms neat and tidy, which has been quite a boon because it lifts the tone of the school.
Fridays have been a particular problem, especially keeping the grassed area litter free, especially as Pisa participants have to rush off to the bus.
This Friday, we are pleased to report, the Garigal Quadrangle was TOTALLY LITTER FREE.  A little bird told us that a certain class did some secret service and between them they relieved the Quad of 20 pieces of litter!  We cannot name the class but believe it to be a ground floor class from Primary!
We look forward to a stunning, courageous and exciting Primary Sports Carnival on Tuesday 7th.  Go for Gold!  But in any case, earn points for your House.  Best of luck.

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