Head of school's Comment

Head of school's Comment

This term we are exploring our Value of Truth. Every few weeks we will explore a different practical element within this value, all of which are contained in simple questions outlined within our Vision, Mission and Values Statement.
Speak the Truth:
Practice: Truthfulness
  • Is it true?
  • Is it kind, pleasant and beneficial?
  • Is it uplifting?
  • What would a wise person say or do?
 In these first few weeks we have simply asked; is it true? Some good questions to spark debate around the dinner table include:
  • What does truth mean to you?
  • What does it mean ‘to be’ true?
  • What does truth look like?
  • How do we know what is true?
  • Does it change with location or time?
  • What is the difference between truth and fact?
The best questions do not have easy answers!

Julian Wilcock

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