Looking up in Upper 1st

Looking up in Upper 1st

science excursion to observatory web

On Wednesday, both Upper 1st classes enjoyed a Science Excursion to the Sydney Observatory. The class spent the morning with Educators Alfred and Harriet discovering facts and sharing hands-on tools to explore concepts regarding ‘Astronomy: Changes in the Sky’.
Our students used real astronomy tools to uncover changes in the sky. They had the opportunity to use a projection telescope and to work out the length of the day with the Educator’s help. Our students explored the short-term changes in the sky, the appearance and movement of the stars, and phases of the Moon in the digital planetarium. An in-house augmented reality app was used to investigate cycles of day and night in spectacular detail. All in all it was a spectacular venue and with views of the harbour at lunch time.

Lea-Ann Connell and Elizabeth McDermott, Teachers

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