Lower Firsts take home their school reports

Lower Firsts take home their school reports

Detailed information

Our teachers give a great deal of detail in their school reports.  Our formats enable parents to receive a record of work covered each semester.  Reports arrive in time for parents to read them before they meet with teachers for semester one interviews. 

An example of reporting on Lower First (kindy) classes in reading, oral and written work follows...

Preliminary work with an increasing awareness of the nature, purpose and conventions of written language.  Students have been introduced to factual literary and persuasive text types.  Students produce texts that demonstrate simple sentence structure and a developing awareness of basic grammar and punctuation.  Conventions include capital letters, full stops, commas and question marks and simple spelling. Individual and class writing projects.

The development of reading, viewing and comprehension skills and strategies using context, grammar, word usage and phonics in short predictable printed texts on familiar topics.  Exploration and identification of some language features of written and visual texts. The in-depth study of particular stories, literature and language using a contextualised approach.  The entire alphabet has been introduced phonetically and Multilit sight words to approximately list 7.  Phonics involves the study of word families, consonant blends, consonant digraphs and the introduction of vowel digraphs (a pair of characters used to write one distinct sound).  Springboard Reading Scheme in class up to approximately Level 3.  Take home readers from Fitzroy, Bug Box and Alpha Kids Schemes.  Simple comprehension exercises in reading, writing and recalling information.

Speaking and listening –students mix and talk informally with peers, teachers and known adults.  They give short talks and interact effectively in the classroom and in groups to develop an emerging  awareness of how people use spoken language for different purposes.  Show and Tell, and class discussions across the curriculum.  Emphasis on speaking in full sentences, listening to others, responding to an audience, asking questions and taking turns, speaking audibly, eye contact and holding to the topic.

Pre-writing activities, tracing words and sentences using lower-case and upper case letters of the NSW Foundation Font.  Emphasis on correct letter formation, pencil grip, guide lines, finger spacing and sentence writing.

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