Sports reports from this week's Pisa round

Sports reports from this week's Pisa round

4th class Girls
On Friday, 4th class girls played St Luke’s in netball.  We won 7-0.  The Players of the Match were Isis C and Alexa D because they both tried their hardest at GS and GA.
-Jasmin (vice Captain)

5th and 6th class Girls
We played St Luke’s in netball.  I think we played well but it wasn’t our best game.  We lost 6-11.  But we all tried our hardest and we were all pretty tired.  Girl of the Game for 5th class is Jaanavi K because while playing GD she defended GA really well and got the ball a couple of times.  Girl of the Game for 6th class is Eden T because while playing WA she got free and got the ball multiple times.  Also, when she was asked to play WD she did so willingly even though she doesn’t like that position.
-Chloe (Captain)

4th class Boys
The junior boys played Pittwater House in soccer.  They played hard but lost 3-2.  Player of the Match was Harry P because he saved a lot of goals.
Tim Roslyn, Coach

5th and 6th class Pisa Boys
We played soccer against Pittwater House.  The whole team played well and we were rewarded with a win of 5-0. All the boys were happy with the win, and we all thought Lucas v de S was the Man of the Match with his great passing and his great goal.  All the boys played well and we are excited for next week.
- Josh (Captain)

(Pisa is an inter-school sports competition for independent schools on the Penisula)

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