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JC bay

(aka 2nd hand Clothing Pool)

After the success and interest of our last buy/swap day we are delighted to announce we are doing it all again. Start gathering up all your ‘too small’ uniforms and for those leaving any of your not neededs , and make them as clean and stain free as possible, particularly cuffs and collars, and give them a quick once over with the iron!

(For those leaving if you would like to sell anything rather than donate, let Camilla know and we will connect you up with whomever is interested.)
Date: Thursday 27th November
Time: from 8am – 9.30am
Where: Breezeway
Don t forget the Facebook page www.facebook.com/JohnColet2ndhanduniforms where you can buy/sell/swap all year round!!!

Thanks Alison Halloway and Camilla Sproule