John Colet School founders receive OAMs

It is wonderful that both our founding teachers have this year each been awarded the Order of Australia for their services to education.  Mrs McKendrick OAM received hers in the Australia Day Honours list in January, while Mrs Donald OAM received hers in the King’s Birthday awards last weekend.
Mrs McKendrick continues to serve the School part-time overseeing our accreditation processes, as does Mrs Donald who teaches Latin, 6th Class sewing and Infants singing games.

Mrs Donald commented “John Colet School, too, has been honoured by the bestowal of these Awards on Mary and I and we should also acknowledge all the people who have contributed to the realisation of this vision for the education of the young.
“Through the work and efforts of everyone, from the early days to the present, from the teachers to the administration staff; from the Board of Governors to the catering and facilities staff, John Colet has become a platform of high values and cultural and academic excellence.  We should all be proud.”