John Colet School Garden Club – all you need to know about learning how to grow

What we cover in Gardening Club

  • Worm Farming
  • All about Worms: How long do they live? What do they eat? How are they born?
  • How to make a seedling mix from Worm Castings
  • Planting seedlings
  • Planting & growing from seed
  • Caring for & feeding the garden
  • Growing in recycled containers
  • No Dig gardening
  • All about Seeds
  • Investigating the soil

Things you need to know

  • Autumn & Winter Garden Club – Please bring warm clothes & footwear
  • Spring & Summer Garden Club – A change of clothes & footwear
  • If your child has an allergy that requires an Epipen please make sure they have one.
  • Student Fee: $10 per class due at the beginning of each term, I will email an invoice.
  • I bring gloves, tools & materials for the gardening club.
  • I provide biscuits, fruit & cheese; if your child is on a special diet please pack a Gardening Club snack pack for them.

Things I need to know

  • Parent/Guardian contact phone number, preferably 2 contacts.
  • Your email for garden club information & invoice.
  • Does your child have any allergies?
  • Asthma: we use mulch; I will supply masks if your child has asthma.
  • If you have an interesting looking container you no longer want please text me a photo, it may be a great feature for the garden.
  • Adult Workshops: If there are enough parents & friends who would like to attend any of the workshops listed on my website, I am happy to organise these.

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