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John Colet School has a huge Science Week

It has been a big week in Science at JCS.  Our school held 60 special science sessions this week demonstrated by parents, staff, outside providers, graduates of John Colet and in one case, a JCS student.

A huge vote of thanks to Marissa N (Jason in 6R’s Mum) who coordinated the whole week.  Mrs N is a guide at Sydney Observatory, a job she first held while doing her Physics degree at university.  She has also organised a science week for a London primary school, done some work for Mad Science, and in Australia, her science career has included working in an advisory role in the setting of standards for issues including Ozone layer protection. Each Thursday morning, Mrs N takes Year 6 science class with Mrs Renshaw.  The school is extremely grateful for her generous service and her willingness to share her love of science.  
“I enjoy seeing the kids’ reactions, especially that moment when they ‘get’ a concept, that dawning of understanding on their faces,” she says.  “I’d like students to see science as an exciting subject, not boring.  I feel like I can bring my love of science to them.”

Another parent, Dr Bryn J (Dad to Thomas 5T and Sam 2T) took “Coding Unplugged” sessions, giving students a valuable overview of how computers work and communicate.  Dr J has been instrumental in working with Mrs Crewe in establishing our Robotics club and has also run science club at John Colet School. 

Dr Tony B (Dad to Alexander in Upper First) has a PhD in Chemical Engineering, and took sessions on Game Design using a game engine to build.  In his 30 minute sessions, the students built a game with hills, trees, grass, bouncing balls, a car and an interactive first person viewer.  Dr B has a software company that specialises in corporate training using games and interactive exercises using an interactive 3D game engine. 

Tony M (Dad to Isla, Upper First C, Bob, 4th D, and Gerry, 2T ), is an electrical engineer, and had students flashing torch signals and role playing the inner workings of a TV in his sessions “Television Unmasked’.

Mariana P, (Mum to Leo, 3rd class), has a Masters in Illumination Science and a Bachelor in Electrical Engineering, and she gave sessions on electricity and light theory.

Ms Renshaw (sister in law of Mrs Renshaw), is a theatre nurse, and she took sessions on anatomy and the human body. 

Our head of kitchen, Donna Moor, who has a degree in Applied Science and in a previous role taught Food Science (now called TAS), took sessions from Lower First to Year 6 on the science of sherbert, acid base reactions and the multi-sensory experience of eating and the perception of food.

John Colet School graduate and PhD student Kirstin Proft presented on the research that she and her colleagues are doing on the conservation of native mammals in Tasmania.

Miss Jackson’s sister, Alethea, also a graduate of JCS and currently doing a Science degree majoring in Chemistry, popped in to take a lesson on heat reactions with 4J.

And JCS graduate Eleanor McKendrick, currently on maternity leave from her role as Operations Manager at Sydney Cochlear Implant Centre,  presented on the science of sound, hearing and cochlear implants.

And finally, Jolan L, 5T, presented on stick insects to Lower First, Upper First and 2nd class, explaining what they eat, how they live and how they camouflage from predators.  Jolan brought in two of the seven species of stick insect that he breeds, raises and occasionally sells.  He says the hardest thing about his hobby is keeping the babies confined to their cages.  Jolan is passionate about insects and plans a career in entomology. 

Thank you everyone for bringing together a wonderful week in Science.

Lots of photos of the week on Facebook