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John Colet School takes debating title from tough opponents


The Inter School Debating Finals were held in the last week of term 3, between the Alexander School and John Colet School. It was a tough and great debate, and extremely close, with the adjudicators commenting that the standard of argument, rebuttal and speaking from both teams was on a par with high school teams, rather than primary. 

The topic was “If you see someone breaking the law, you should tell.”  Our first Speaker was Maisy T, second was Scout H, third Elliot M K and 4th Alexandra R. John Colet had the negative, which the judges said was a difficult case to argue, but the team’s use of of global examples of petty laws, and the argument that draconian policing increases fear in society, were good ones.   

After a nailbiting battle of wits and words, John Colet School was judged the close winner!

Thanks to the German International School for hosting the debate and for the BBQ afterwards.

Well done to all the debaters throughout the inter school debating season. Thanks also to Mrs Crewe for her coaching.