John Colet sees Storm Boy at Sydney Theatre Company - image  on

John Colet sees Storm Boy at Sydney Theatre Company

Excursions and Incursions for all...

The past week was studded with events and achievements, which made it a happy one in spite of the very cold weather, and the sudden return of winter.
Congratulations to the Chess cohort!  John Colet will be represented by a team at the semi-finals of the Inter-Schools Chess Challenge an outstanding achievement for a school of relatively small size!  Well done Miro, Heather B and the children and helpers.  We look forward to a happy outcome win or lose!
There were three events one  was an excursion by the Primary children to see the show Storm Boy , based on the famous Australian novel of the same name by Colin Thiele.  This was much enjoyed by one and all, and apparently had some great puppeteering in it.  The Infants too had puppets on Wednesday, this time shadow puppets: a one-person show called The Owl’s Apprentice, and very delightful.
Supporting our child protection instruction, three Police officers came to John Colet on Wednesday morning to talk to each of the Infants grades about Keeping Safe :  they covered getting lost and Stranger Danger, and the talks were very interactive, reinforcing what many of the children already knew.
Our practice of Steadfastness is being remembered by staff and children alike:  it very much links with self-discipline, stillness, reliability  and self-respect.
Two important items:
1.    GRANDPARENTS DAY:  An invitation has been sent out to all families for Grandparents Day on 4th September, including a programme.  If your child has no available grandparents and wishes to invite an Honorary Grandparent or two, please feel free.  Please understand that it is vital that you register this attendance with the School Receptionist we need this information in advance for catering purposes.  Your co-operation would be much appreciated by the Catering Department!
2. AFTER SCHOOL ACTIVITIES:   Please note that if your children are attending after school activities other than After School Care, such as Pisa training, Mandarin, Music lessons, French, and soon Gardening Club etc., if you are not there to collect them, they will be sent to After School Care as a routine matter of protection and safety. Please understand that we cannot have them running about without supervision whilst waiting for you.  The office staff goes by 4 p.m. and teachers will generally be working in their classrooms.  Many thanks.
Jenny-Ellis-from-little-wing-puppets-the owls-apprentice
Pictured above is Jenny Ellis of Little Wing Puppets, with the star of her show, The Owl’s Apprentice