Jump Rope for Heart special assembly - image  on https://www.johncolet.nsw.edu.au

Jump Rope for Heart special assembly

At Monday’s assembly 5C excitedly presented the prizes from the Jump Rope For Heart Foundation to the generous boys and girls at John Colet whose fundraising efforts exceeded $30. Some prizes included for example $125 bike vouchers, inflatable crocodiles, vortexes, skipping ropes, badminton sets and soccer sets. Our top three fundraisers were Ayva B (6th Class), Aaron L (5th Class) and Jayden K (Upper 1st). As a whole school we raised a fantastic $3393.35. Well done to all who participated in fundraising and on the day of the Jump Off. There was a lot of fun had!

Simona Cipollone
Jump Rope For Heart Coordinator