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Language classes

Beginner Spanish Classes – NEW
Hola!  A Beginners Spanish Class (Years 2 – 5) will be held for John Colet students on Thursdays after school.  The teacher, Beatriz Parra, is a native speaker from Peru and teaches Spanish to 6th class at John Colet. Beatriz will be using material from LCF and their website for further details is:

Meanwhile, our after school  French classes continue.   The beginner’s class will be for all students who have done very little French or have no knowledge of the language. Intermediate classes are available for older John Colet students.

Our after school Mandarin language classes also continue, starting on Friday 8th of February from 3 to 4pm.  Mandarin is offered to Year 3 to 6 students and younger students with Chinese language background.  The aim of learning Mandarin is to stimulate interest and cultural awareness through lessons and games.  Children are encouraged to practice listening and speaking skills initially.  There are 8 students in the current class from 2012. They have been learning how to greet; count and write numbers 1 to 10; recognize colours like red, green, yellow & orange; and to sing fork songs and poems.

Contact details for these lessons are in the Weekly School Note for parents.