Learning at John Colet

As a stand-alone primary school our focus is entirely on the 5-12 age group. We see this stage as fundamental in setting the academic foundations, as well as a love of learning, resilience and the feeling of self-worth that a child will need to enter high school and beyond. 

The unique aspects of our curriculum from Lower 1st through to 6th Class, such as classical languages, Shakespeare, and enriched singing and art programs, extend the students holistically while at the same time developing attention. This is all managed within a small class environment where the same teacher supports the students over a number of years.

A classical, traditional approach

At John Colet School we are proud of taking a classical or traditional approach to learning. We believe that it is important that children have a solid foundation in literacy and numeracy skills. This involves instruction in such areas as Grammar, Handwriting, Timetables and recitation.

At this crucial age this approach helps build children’s cognitive load so that they may apply themselves clearly and creatively to complex and diverse areas.

Great material

Language is a fundamental element in education. How the child learns to speak and use language will largely be determined by the examples provided. For this reason, at John Colet School, we take great care in the material provided, such as; the texts we use in our literature program, Shakespeare within drama and the learning of Sanskrit and Latin. A child will learn what is put in front of them.

If you provide outstanding material, this is the quality of work a child will produce.