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Little smarties in Maths

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This week Upper 1st has been learning about equal groups, sharing and division.  Today we asked the inquiry question: How many ways can you equally share 24 smarties?
The students were given 8 cupcake cases, 24 smarties, a whiteboard and a marker. We discussed how they could record their results and introduced the division symbol.
Students spent time exploring the concept and seeing which amount of cupcake cases would give equal groups.
We joined together on the mat to discuss our results. We wrote our number sentences on the board. We then discussed that if we read our division number sentence backwards it was the same as our times tables!
We then went off to explore how we could share 20 equally into groups.
Once we were done we got to gobble up our smarties and we wrote a reflection on our learning.  Upper 1st loves learning!!

Ms Bell, Teacher