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Lots going on in 4th class

The past week in 4D:

  • In Literacy, we developed our understanding of characterisation and worked on using adverbial phrases and fronted adverbials in our writing to effectively show time, place and manner.  In Grammar we looked at the appropriate use of adjectives and prepositions; and in comprehension we looked at how graphs and diagrams can often be used to convey information more effectively than the written word.
  • In Maths class we continued to look at measurement focusing on perimeter and area and at capacity and volume.
  • In History, we continued to learn about the Portuguese explorers Dias and Magellan and their contributions to the discovery of a trade route to India.
  • In Science, we continued to examine the concept of friction and how this affects performance by undertaking our own experiments with shoes on a number of different surfaces.  We learnt that mass and materials can affect friction and how these affect performance.

The week ahead:

  • In Literacy, we will be looking at a short narrative text and analysing the narrative structure, language features, sentence structure and then create a scaffold and storyboard.  In Grammar we will looked at the sentence structure in biographies and apostrophes of contraction; and in comprehension we looked at understanding explanatory texts and practise reading and using dictionaries.
  • In my Maths class we will begin to look at fractions and decimals and how these both represent parts of a whole.
  • In Geography, we will continue to learn a about Brazil, its geography, population, cities and main products.
  • In History, we will look at the early explorers associated with Australia (the First Australians, Dutch, French, Asian and British) in preparation for our individual projects.
  • In Science, we will begin to look at the force of gravity and how it acts from a distance. 

Cynthia Dalgleish