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Lots of ‘young adults’ about

All being of service...

The School has been full of young adults this week and will be so next week too.   Most delightful!  Apart from our bright and energetic Gap students, we have had Alex Ladomatos (at University) and Akshai Bhandari (just finished school) helping to move the Office staff out of Shakespeare 1, and we have had Oscar Smith on Community Service (Year 10 St. Andrew’s Cathedral School), his blazer bristling with his achievements!  Next week we have Ashwin Manaktala and Tobias Hanson both on Community Service.  All these young people are ex-JCS students, and it is such a pleasure seeing them choose to come and work here.
Michaela Miles staged her Open Choir Lesson on Tuesday some parents came along.  The children sang beautifully specifically things that they will not be performing on Speech Night.
And of course, the Office staff have moved:   Carmen Griffiths ensconced in her orange world reception;   half of the office staff in a new space behind the Headmaster’s office and the others in an office space in Ralston Avenue. (They visit regularly).
This week the teachers had a special morning tea, which we do each term.  A section of the staff supply goodies and the idea is for the staff to have the chance to mix.  We had a sumptuous feast which also marked the occasion of thanking several people who are leaving at the end of the year, very sadly.
Lynne Werner is leaving and retiring to a northern coastal town, after many years at JCS, Mary Garrett is also moving:  from Newcastle and will be settling somewhere south, destination as yet unknown, Helen Thomas, Leisa Brown and Rachel Alexander, three of our wonderful Teacher’s Aides, are regretfully leaving.  Marie White is taking a year’s leave to teach underprivileged children somewhere in the Third World, David McDermott is taking up studies in the health sector and will only be here one day a week; Matthew Collis served in the John Colet Sailing Club for 20 years and is retiring, as is the Dance Teacher,  Angela Miller.  Two of our Gappies are finishing up at the end of the term Andrea Mego, returning to South Africa, and Sam Bodington, seeking adventure further afield.  We send them all off with our blessings and wishes that they come back to visit from time to time.