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Lower First children settling in well

A report from our two Lower First (kindy) teachers

Lower First have settled in very well, with ease and enthusiasm.  They have been most attentive in learning a few simple behaviours which have enabled them to self-regulate and participate fully in the experience of school life.  For example they can pack their bags and line up successfully on our lining-up ladder .  This painted ladder allows the children to arrange themselves into a line without a fuss.  On the floor for learning time the children have participated in Positive Behaviour Support lessons.  In these lessons children are taught appropriate and safe ways of interacting with others through modelling, role play and discussion.

The children are well engaged throughout the day with a balance of activities which are presented in a fun, yet rigorous manner.  They have completed work in all areas of the new Australian Curriculum and are well on their way to beginning to write their first sentences and are showing signs of readiness for number processes.  As we endeavour to offer the finest of things to the children they have also been exposed to fine music, art, artists and philosophy.

Teachers of Lower First 2014
Robyn Tefay and Lea-Ann Connell