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Lower First students talk about Shakespeare

This year Lower First rehearsed and delivered a Shakespearean performance titled ‘All the World’s a Stage’, which is taken from the play ‘As you like it’. The play explored the seven stages of life, starting at infancy and moving through to the last stages of life. Performing such a play enables the delivery of exceptional teaching material and immerses students in timeless stories that are still relevant today – 3000 words and expressions from Shakespeare are still used today.

Children are captivated and transported to a different world when studying and performing Shakespeare at a young age, even if students may not understand every word. Once children are captivated by the timeless stories of Shakespeare they can further develop and engage with the language of Shakespeare as they mature with age.  

Shakespeare’s work is considered one of the greatest literatures of all time. This is why we regard Shakespeare as an exceptional learning tool. We present students with the best material and allow them to take something spectacular from it – whether that be exquisite language or confidence in performing.

Student responses to: “Why do you like performing Shakespeare?”

          “I enjoyed my soldier part because Connor said “About turn!” and then I marched back to my seat.” – Marc T

          “I liked saying the lines to everyone because it made me so happy.” – Elvire A

          “I liked the ending, the bowing, because it made me feel so happy.” – Isabella C

          “I liked getting ready for Shakespeare and putting my makeup on and people doing my hair. I also liked seeing my mum in the audience.” – Sophia G

          “I liked when I was performing because I got to see my dad. I also liked when others performed because it was funny.” Lucas W

          “I Liked it because you learn big words.” Zara L

          “I like the make-up because it looks pretty on our faces.” Taytum B and Emma F

          “I like the costumes because of all the detail on them. I like it when I go on stage because I’m happy.” Taytum and Emma

          “School is great and I love the words.” Nathan G and Kristof D

          “We act with our big voices and we get to wear make-up and costumes.” Samuel E, Ayush S, Miller H and Siddh Mr

          “Your voices will get loud and the costumes.” Connor T

Miss Marley
Lower First Teacher