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Making collecting our children safer and easier

To speed up picking up children at the end of the day we are going to reinstitute a simple and easy system of bright yellow name-plates.

A Pick-up Zone (PUZ) road safety audit was undertaken on Thursday 24th July 2014, with a focus on driver behaviour during the peak collection period (2:30 4:00pm).

The main dangers reported were:

1.      when using the parallel kerbside drop-off/pick-up zone along the school frontage during the collection time period all car drivers are to move their vehicles forward, once cars in front of their position have left the queue. This is to avoid unnecessary extended queuing

2.      collection of children within No Stopping areas is illegal

3.      the performance of U-turn manoeuvres within close proximity to the pedestrian crossing is highly hazardous and should cease

To help with point number 1 and to speed up the process of identifying your car and putting your child/ren in the correct car, we have supplied parents with a yellow laminated surname label. Parents will need to attach this to the left hand visor in your car.

As you approach the PUZ, please flip down your visor so that the staff can identify your car quickly.

If you need extra labels for additional cars please email the admin team.

You may have noticed that class names have been attached to the school fence, this will also aid in speeding up the afternoon pick up process.

Yours sincerely

Gilbert Mane